Fogg 1000 Sprays, Ultimate Deodorant Spray - For Men(150 ml)

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Brand: Fogg

Model Name: 1000 Sprays, Ultimate

Ideal For: Men

Type: Deodorant Spray

Quantity: 150 ml

Maximum Shelf Life: 36 Months

Details: Spilling the impeccable style of the charismatic men and women, Fogg depicts their innate subtlety. Long Lasting Start a new day with zest and carry on with your activities by spraying this deodorant that has a long-lasting effect. Prevents Heavy Perspiration and Bad Odour Sail smoothly through those hot days of summer with Fogg 1000 Sprays Ultimate Deodorant Spray as it prevents heavy perspiration and bad odour. Sophisticated Wear This sophisticated wear is an essential in your collection of accessories. Rejuvenating and Fresh Fragrance Your tired cells will get a quick workout when you use this deodorant that leaves you rejuvenated with its fresh fragrance. Strong, Heady and Refreshing The mesmerising deodorant casts its spell on those around you with its strong, heady and refreshing aroma.

  • Quantity: 150 ml
  • Fragrance: Deodorant Spray
  • For Men