Pantene Long Black Shampoo Men & Women(650 ml)

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Applied For: Damage Repair, Nourishment & Moisturization

Hair Type: All Hair Types

Composition: Pro-V

Container Type: Plastic Bottle

Ideal For: Men & Women

pack_of: 1

Details: Achieve long black tresses that will leave all those around you mesmerized and jealous enough to want the same. The secret behind thick black hair comes in a magic bottle with the name Pantene Long Black Shampoo on it. This shampoo has been formulated to specially suit and nourish dry hair so it can be revived from its dull state to black shiny hair that looks healthy and feels beautiful. Ideal for men and women, this shampoo will intensely moisturize every stand so dryness does not creep up at all, each strand will be covered with enough hydration to shine on for all day long. The shampoo provides your hair with strength to fight damage so that you can flaunt thick and strong black hair always. Pantene has always brought forward products that please the customers and ensure they receive the best hair care in order to flaunt beauty that is envied by all, this time around you can enjoy this benefit too. Directions of use Brush hair before wash and rinse with water. Take generous amount of shampoo and lather on wet hair. Work your way to the scalp and gently massage. Rinse off and repeat if necessary.

  • Damage Repair, Nourishment & Moisturization Shampoo
  • Ideal For: Men & Women
  • Suitable For: All Hair Types
  • Formulated For: Normal Hair
  • Composition: Pro-V